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VTDC13 - The 7th International Workshop on Virtualization Technologies in Distributed Computing

The convergence of virtualization technologies and distributed computing is an exciting subject and the aim of many research projects in both academia and industry.

Since the beginning of VTDC in 2006, a number of events dealing with virtualization and cloud computing concerns have taken place. All of them have contributed to the improvement of virtualization technologies leading to more complex and larger scale systems. However, limiting the scope of Distributed Computing to Cloud platforms is not enough. For the VTDC Steering Committee, Distributed Computing is larger than just Cloud platforms and the VTDC workshop should continue to be a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences on the use of different virtualization technologies in distributed computing, including the management of HPC, Data-Intensive or web hosting platforms as well as concerns dealing with the virtualization of network and storage facilities.

VTDC'13 will be held in New York City, in conjunction with the 22th edition of HPDC (the International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing)

Workshop scope

Although the convergence of virtualization technologies and distributed computing has been leading to exciting developments for almost ten years now, the use of virtual environments is still far from reaching the maturity of more usual computing facilities such as clusters or grids. Current solutions for operating virtual infrastructures are rather "simple" management systems focusing on the contextualization of the virtual machines, their deployments as well as their monitoring. The design and the implementation of advanced mechanisms in charge of addressing particular concerns such as scalability, reliability, and reactivity are either missing or not yet integrated in these systems

Building on previous successful as well as highly attended VTDC workshops, this 7th edition will particularly consider innovative work addressing the aforementioned concerns with the ultimate goal of delivering more advanced and integrated systems. Such systems might be seen as mixes between IaaS and PaaS toolkits, enabling end-users to run large-scale applications such as the HPC/HTC ones

More precisely, topics of interest include:

  • Virtualization for resource management and QoS assurance of distributed computing platforms
  • Security aspects of using virtualization in a distributed environment
  • Virtual networks
  • Virtual data, storage as a service
  • Fault tolerance in virtualized environments
  • Virtualization in P2P systems
  • Virtualization in HPC systems
  • Virtualization-based adaptive/autonomic systems
  • The creation and management of environments/appliances
  • Performance modeling (applications and systems)
  • Virtualization techniques for energy/thermal management
  • Case studies of applications on virtualized platforms
  • Deployment studies of virtualization technologies
  • Tools relevant to virtualization
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Virtualization in data/computing centers


  • June 18, 2012


The seventh VTDC will take place inthe heart of iconic New York City at the New Yorker hotel.- check the HPDC'2013 venue page for further information.


Room - Grammercy

  • 9:00 Opening Session
  • 9:10 Invited Talk: Applications-Aware Virtual Machine Provisioning, Abhishek Chandra, University of Minnesota, USA


  • 10:15 Multi-tenancy on GPGPU-based Servers, Dipanjan Sengupta, Raghavendra Belapure, Karsten Schwan, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


  • 1040: Break
  • 11:00 Evaluating Hardware-Assisted Virtualization for Deploying HPC-as-a-Service, Henry N. Palit, Xiaorong Li, Sifei Lu, Inst. of High Performance Computing and Lars Christian Larsen, Joseph Andre Setia, DHI Water & Environment, Singapore


  • 11:25: Invited Talk: VirtualWire: System Support for Live Migrating Virtual Networks Across Clouds, Hani Jamjoom, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA
  • 12:25 Lunch time
  • 13:45 Invited Talk: Bridging the Tenant-Provider Gap in Networked Cloud Services, Paolo Costa, Microsoft Researh Lab, Cambridge, UK
  • 14:35 NRS: A System for Network Virtualization in IaaS Cloud Infrastructures, Dimitrios Theodorou, Rudolf H. Mak, University of Technology Eindhoven and and Jan Just Keijser, Tristan Suerink, Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • 15:00 Streaming as a Hypervisor Service, Audun Nordal, Åge Kvalnes, Robert Pettersen, Dag Johansen, University of Tromsø, Norway


  • 15:25 Break
  • 15:45 Tradeoffs in Compressing Virtual Machine Checkpoints, Kai-Yuan Hou, Kang G. Shin, University of Michigan and Yoshio Turner, Sharad Singha, HP Labs, USA


  • 16:10 Invited Talk:New Frontiers in Cloud Computing Research, "Hui Lei, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA
  • 17:00 End of the workshop


  • General Chair: Frederic Desprez, INRIA - Adrien Lèbre, Mines Nantes
  • Program Chair: Manish Parashar, Rutger University
  • Steering Committee Chair: Jose A. B. Fortes, University of Florida, Kate Keahey, University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, Renato Figueiredo, University of Florida, Kartik Gopalan, Binghamton University
  • Program Committee:
    • Dilma M Da silva (Qualcom, USA)
    • Peter Dinda (Northwestern University, USA)
    • Renato Figueiredo (University of Florida, USA)
    • Kartik Gopalan (University of Binghamton, USA)
    • Fabien Hermenier (University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France)
    • Ardalan Kangarlou (NetApp, USA)
    • Orran Krieger (Hariri Institute Boston University, USA)
    • John J. Lange (Pittsburgh University, USA)
    • Xiaolin Andy Li (University of Florida, USA)
    • Christine Morin (INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique, France)
    • D. K. Panda (The Ohio State University, USA)
    • Pradeep Padala (VMware, USA)
    • Indrajit Roy (HP Labs, USA)
    • Frederic Suter (CC IN2P3 / CNRS, France)
    • Xuanhua Shi (Huazhong University, China)
    • Mike Wray (HP Labs, Bristol, UK)
    • Dongyan Xu (University of Purdue, USA)
    • Ming Zhao (University of Florida, USA)

Previous VTDC workshops

Contact information

For more information, contact the general or program chairs at: frederic.desprez at inria.fr or adrien.lebre at mines-nantes.fr or parashar at rutgers.edu

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